Château Laguiole

Created in 1992 by Guy Vialis and manufactured

by SCIP with respect for traditional methods and know

how of Thiers Cutlery, the Chateau Laguiole corkscrew

with its black or brown horn handle represents the

beginning of a great line of Sommelier Knives.

Developed in 1998, the Grand Cru Chateau

Laguiole with longer stainless steel bolsters leads the

Chateau Laguiole range on the upper scale of the

sommeliers knives on the market.

Chosen for more than 26 years by all the best

Sommeliers of the world - from  Giuseppe Vaccarini

in (1978) to Paolo Basso in (2013), the Sommelier knife

Chateau Laguiole has been adorned according to the

taste and requirements of each best Sommelier. This

has created a unique range of sommelier knives in The World.

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